Consultant Frameworks

Frameworks Scotland 3 can respond to challenges within NHS Boards or other permitted organisation, e.g. changes in clinical need / practice.  Relevant support can be through the consultant framework by using the available advisors i.e.:

Frameworks Scotland 3 offers a great deal of flexibility in terms of the level of service provided, depending on when the consultant becomes involved.  Based on the project’s objectives, constraints and level of complexity a key consideration will be how early to engage with the consultants.

Consultant services can be utilised by NHS Boards or permitted organisations to support their in-house project teams, particularly providing expertise from the Construction Health & Safety / Construction Design Management (CDM) Advisor, Cost Advisor, Healthcare Planner, Lead Advisor, Project Manager and Supervisor Frameworks in respect of the NEC4 form of contract.

In addition to work relating to projects to be delivered under the Frameworks Scotland 3 construction framework, consultants will be available for a range of publicly funded new build construction and refurbishment programmes of backlog maintenance and risk reduction work, statutory compliance and business continuity related works which will be delivered in respect of health, social care and other facilities and not necessarily delivered under Frameworks Scotland 3.

The following parties are Frameworks Scotland 3 customers entitled to Call-Off the Framework: NHSScotland Health Boards, Special Health Boards, and other NHS organisations operating in Scotland i.e. any other organisations involved in the provision of health, social care, or health or social care related services in Scotland (including those working with or on behalf of the above NHSScotland bodies) including, without limitation, entities which are involved in the funding and / or operation of health and social care facilities, universities, charities and local authorities, as nominated by the relevant Health Board.  These bodies may act individually or collectively when calling off the framework

In relation to projects to be conducted under the Frameworks Scotland 3 Construction Framework, consultants can act for delivery partners appointed to the Frameworks Scotland 3 Construction Framework but will not be permitted to represent both NHS Board or other permitted organisation and Principal Supply Chain Partner on any “Scheme Contract” under Frameworks Scotland 3.  The exception to this will be the role of Cost Advisor where it is the intention to promote the role of Joint Cost Advisor following the success of this initiative on Frameworks Scotland 3.