Principal Supply Chain Partners (PSCPs)

PSCP Services

Frameworks Scotland 3 can respond to challenges within NHSScotland, e.g. changes in clinical need / practice. Relevant support can be through the consultant framework by using the available Healthcare Planning expertise for example, or by the engagement of the Principal Supply Chain Partners (PSCPs) to provide similar input if that is the preferred way forward.

NHS Highland

Frameworks Scotland 3 builds on the success of both Frameworks Scotland and Frameworks Scotland 2 to offer a great deal of flexibility in terms of the level of service provided, depending on when the PSCP becomes involved.  Their input can vary from assisting the NHS Board or permitted organisation with its overall strategy to that of developing a detailed design.

Based on the project’s objectives, constraints and level of complexity, a key consideration will be how early to engage with the PSCP.

An outline of the range of potential services available at each stage under Frameworks Scotland 3:

Added Value:

  • strategic advice;
  • planning;
  • Service / Estate strategies;
  • Business Planning.

Added Value:

  • assistance with strategy;
  • high level affordability reviews;
  • outline programming;
  • option identification and evaluation;
  • sustainability.

Added Value:

  • development of functional brief;
  • affordability reviews;
  • outline programming;
  • option appraisals;
  • outline planning approval;
  • high level risk register;
  • sustainability;
  • Whole Life Cycle costing.

Added Value:

  • detailed design development of preferred option;
  • cost verification leading to agreed Target Cost;
  • detailed programming;
  • VAT savings (as a result of a HMRC agreement) can be reinvested in the project;
  • detailed and cost / time valued risk register;
  • planning approval;
  • sustainability;
  • Whole Life Cycle costing;
  • commissioning.

PSCP Teams

A PSCP may be engaged to undertake a variety of duties including service strategies, estate strategies, business planning, developing the brief, design development and construction works. In addition to the construction phase of a project, a PSCP can be appointed at various stages in the capital project planning process from the Initial Agreement stage, Outline Business Case stage or at the Full Business Case stage.

Reserve PSCP

One of the Framework PSCPs has been appointed to their Framework Agreement in the capacity as a “Reserve PSCP”.  The reserve PSCP is issued the HLIP at the same time as all other Framework PSCPs in respect of each Call-Off Process

Where two (2) or more PSCPs de-select themselves from a Call-Off Process, the reserve PSCP will be invited to participate in the Call-Off Process. The reserve PSCP will be issued the HLIP at the same time as the other five (5) PSCPs to ensure that the reserve PSCP is not at a disadvantage.

If a PSCP has failed a sanction related KPI and are suspended for one (1) Call-Off, the Reserve PSCP will be invited to participate in that Call-Off;

The introduction of new sanctionable KPI’s will result in any failures by a PSCP being suspended for the next mini-competition and the PSCP stepping in to fulfil their role.  The reserve PSCP will be invited to all regular PSCP meetings and will be provide anonymised feedback summary from mini-competitions of successful and unsuccessful bidders.

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