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Currie & Brown are a leading provider of professional services across the UK health sector and bring valuable lesson learnt from across their experienced healthcare team to provide an integrated service delivery solution that supports Health Board’s deliver projects within a collaborative environment delivering efficiencies and value for money.

We fully support collaboration as the cornerstone for project delivery success and one of only a few consultancies to be accredited to ISO 44001 Collaborative Business Relationships. With over 80 staff in Scotland we can tailor our collective resource to match project requirements, peaks and troughs in the workload, and realise value by identifying lessons learnt and promote a culture of continuous improvements.

Our team of professionals have successfully delivered multiple new build and refurbishment projects throughout Scotland and the UK, and fully understand the processes, challenges, and strategies to delivering successful healthcare projects.

We rely on our extensive costs and programme data from successfully delivering a wide range of projects from repair and replacement backlog maintenance, to refurbishments in live hospital environments, and new build facilities to advise clients on likely project costs and target delivery of value for money solutions.

Our team of in-house specialist building services cost managers support our teams and clients with identification and implementation of optimum whole life cycle solutions.

With an increasing focus on drive towards net carbon zero buildings our specialist sustainability advisors can support on the briefing and design decision making process to achieve effective solutions.

Our team are fully conversant with Scottish Capital Investment Manual (SCIM) guidance and through our specialist business case team we can lead on the preparation of Strategic Assessments, Initial Agreements, and Outline and Full Business cases.


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Currie & Brown maximises the value of investment within quality and functionally efficient health facilities. They understand the operational issues surrounding healthcare projects and can manage the cost effects of these to procure efficient facilities providing value for money.

Currie & Brown adds value in the following ways:

  • Commercial administration and project costing in supporting the Project Manager and team, making full use of the Contract Administration Toolkit (CAT) system.
  • Considerable experience of working within a live hospital environment.
  • Relevant experience of delivering multiple work tasks under a single (overarching) contract.
  • Contracts which address backlog maintenance and statutory compliance issues.
  • Value engineering workshops and utilisation of our Mechanical and Engineering (M&E) expertise to challenge the emerging design.
  • Development of sustainability policy to achieve net zero carbon and promotion of best practice, with clear cost definition, by tapping into their industry expertise and unique M&E resource.
  • Joint bank account option keenly promoted by both Scottish Futures Trust (SFT) and Health Facilities Scotland (HFS).
  • Role of joint Cost Advisor with associated cost benefits to the Health Board.
  • Currie & Brown working in partnership with NHS Lanarkshire successfully expanded Frameworks Scotland into the PPP/PFI market.
  • Lifecycle cost expertise.
  • Input to VAT considerations to maximise Health Board tax benefits.

An important part of service transformation, within the healthcare environment, is input from a Healthcare Planning Consultant. At Currie & Brown, they have staff who understand NHS business, appreciate what contributions make a difference and have the knowledge to challenge the status quo and support new models of care. This planning enables space rationalisation, optimisation of room utilisation, and patient and staff journeys to maximise functionality and flexibility. They benchmark work patterns against other, similar, healthcare facilities. Their experienced staff will:

  • Gather data through Stakeholder engagement.
  • Analyse data and benchmark against best practice.
  • Highlight where planning assumptions on throughput of clinical activity vary from current guidance using a range of evidence-based sources.
  • Determine what scope is available to compile a revised planning assumption as part of the client’s ongoing redesign of community, inpatients, outpatients and /or ambulatory care services.
  • Propose to relevant stakeholders’ space utilisation improvements through changing working practices to meet best practice standards in a collaborative environment to achieve the optimum output.

The outcome of this process will be accommodation which will enhance the patient experience within a flexible, efficient facility that delivers new ways of working which enhances seamless care delivery to the individual.

As Lead Advisor Currie & Brown and specialist supply chain can provide a wide range of roles for Health Boards undertaking construction or construction related commissions. The scope of service can vary significantly according to individual client requirements and can be tailored to deliver a value add service:

The benefits realised under our Lead Advisor appointments include:

  • A single point of responsibility to the Board and avoidance of separate consultant appointments improving project ownership and project outcomes;
  • Flexibility to engage design teams to undertake advance project scoping and feasibility before engaging a PSCP, leading to improved project programmes and early works engagement
  • Utilisation of Supply Chain to offer tailored services
  • Building and M&E condition surveys, reports and contract administration
  • Clear definition of the roles of the Currie & Brown, the Board, and PSCP leading to improved project outcomes
  • Optimum working between Currie & Brown, the Board, and PSCP leading to streamlined process and elimination of potential bottlenecks
  • Simplified administration and more effective use of resources for the Board, Currie & Brown, and PSCP leading to reduced costs;

Project Management input is vital to the successful initiation, management, completion, and review of any programmed works. All projects are unique with specific challenges, complexities and risks our team provide a proactive and collaborative project management support service to meet our client’s goals and achieve project completion on time and to budget.

The Currie & Brown Project Management team comparing NEC3 and NEC4 accredited project managers fundamentally understands the NHS strategy, business, and drivers. Through practical knowledge gained working collaboratively with NHS clients and Principal Supply Chain Partners (PSCPs), we provide a contribution that is seen to make a tangible difference; be a challenging partner and promote value for money for the client. Working in the spirit of mutual trust and co-operation our experienced team will:

  • Provide organisation, planning, control, and evaluation to all projects.
  • Establish and manage all lines of communication and reporting between parties involved on the project.
  • Provide advice and guidance throughout the Business Case process, enabling a positive outcome at Initial Agreement (IA), Outline Business Case (OBC) and Full Business Case (FBC) stages inclusive of gateway and NHSScotland Design Assessment Processes (NDAP).
  • Assess the risk and business continuity profiles associated with the project in conjunction with the client.
  • Provide advice on procurement strategies available and the most suitable for the project.
  • Ensure compliance with all statutory legislation required for the project.
  • Review cost and programme information regularly and take required action to maintain budget and timescales.

The management of technical compliance and quality is a critical requirement in all construction projects and our supervisor team brings together our own in-house exercise and those of our specialist supply chain to delivery exemplary services.

Working across new build, refurbishment, and backlog maintenance projects our teams fully understand the construction quality management process and can successfully work with Principal Supply Chain partners to deliver quality outcomes.

Our supply chain includes experts on ventilation, HV and medical gases and are available to provide support and guidance during he finalisation and review of contractors proposals for compliance with technical memoranda and project works information.


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