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Frameworks Scotland 3 is a procurement programme which reflects a strategic and collaborative partnering approach to the procurement, development, design and construction of publicly funded construction and maintenance works, complimenting other procurement initiatives for the delivery of health, social care and other facilities in Scotland. This national Framework is an agreement with five Principal Supply Chain Partners (PSCPs) and one reserve PSCP selected via an Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) tender process and is in place until 2025.  A NHS health or social care customer may select a PSCP for a project they wish to undertake without having to go through an OJEU procurement themselves.

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Frameworks Scotland 3 builds on the success of Frameworks Scotland which saw over 60 completed construction NHS facilities with a value of £570m delivered and a resultant 99 consultancy appointments and its successor Frameworks Scotland 2 which has 33 registered construction projects at a value of over £620m and 95 consultancy appointments.

Frameworks Scotland 3 will deliver major capital funded projects with a focus around the acute sector. This will cover the full extent of projects including new build healthcare facilities, refurbishment, extension, programmes of backlog maintenance and demolition in respect of health, social care and other associated facilities:

  • operated or to be operated by, or on behalf of any NHSScotland Board(s) operating in Scotland;
  • occupied by any NHSScotland Board(s) operating in Scotland;
  • forming part of a facility occupied by, or located on property occupied by, any NHS Scotland Board(s) operating in Scotland; and
  • any premises associated with the delivery of health and/or social care services.

Frameworks Scotland 3 is structured to provide a “one stop shop” for project delivery using a develop and construct contract arrangement.  Contracts can be entered into at the earliest stages of design through to Full Business Case (FBC) stage.  The contract is entered into on a staged basis, with stages aligned to the Scottish Capital Investment Manual (SCIM) Business Case stages.  A contract is entered into only for the current stage, however  it is intended that the contract continues through the stages to construction delivery.  Each PSCP has an extensive supply chain of designers, specialist consultants and sub-contractors.

Frameworks Scotland 3 provides NHS Board or permitted organisation with the ability to readily appoint pre-evaluated PSCPs alongside a pre-agreed commercial arrangement.  It enables the team to immediately focus on taking the project forward rather than being involved in a protracted advertisement, selection and appointment process.  Using the standard Frameworks Scotland 3 mini – competition procedure, NHS Boards or permitted organisations can appoint any one of the PSCP / consultants within as little a timeframe of five weeks from the initial issue of the High Level Information Pack (HLIP).

Frameworks Scotland 3 offers the rapid mobilisation of projects with extensive supply chains who have excellent NHS experience.  It provides joint incentives, long-term collaborative relationships and performance and affords NHS Boards or permitted organisations more certainty of Time, Cost and Quality than other traditional procurement routes.

PSCPs are very different to traditional contracting organisations as their supply chains contain a wealth of expertise from construction professionals through to specialist members of the supply chain.  This provides NHS Boards or permitted organisations with the unique opportunity of engaging the PSCP to undertake a wide variety of duties from service strategies, estates strategies, business planning, developing the brief and design development through to major construction works and programmes of minor works.

In addition to work relating to projects to be delivered under the Frameworks Scotland 3 construction framework, consultants are available for a range of construction and estates related services delivered in respect of health, social care and other facilities not necessarily delivered under the Frameworks Scotland 3 PSCP framework.

The following parties will be Frameworks Scotland 3 customers entitled to call off the framework:- NHSScotland Health Boards, Special Health Boards and other NHS organisations operating in Scotland i.e. any other organisations involved in the provision of health / social care facilities or health / social care related services in Scotland (including those working with or on behalf of the above NHSScotland bodies including, without limitation, entities which are involved in the funding and / or operation of health and social care facilities, universities, charities and local authorities, as nominated by the relevant Health Boards.  These bodies may act individually or collectively when calling off the framework.

Frameworks Scotland 3 does not facilitate the provision of funding.  It is the responsibility of the NHS Board or permitted organisation to ensure adequate funding for the works is available when required.

Where a NHS Board or permitted organisation is proposing to undertake a scheme and would like to learn more about the Frameworks Scotland 3 process, they should contact Health Facilities Scotland (HFS).  If it is agreed that the NHS Board or permitted organisation should go ahead with the scheme, the NHS Board or permitted organisation should register the proposed scheme on the Frameworks Scotland 3 website.  There is no commitment to proceed by registering the scheme, and the information stays confidential with the Frameworks Scotland 3 team until the NHS Board or permitted organisation chooses to make it more widely visible.

Registered customers are encouraged to access the Frameworks Scotland 3 Members’ Area to find out further information on projects similar to that which they are proposing to undertake. The Members’ Area is available to NHS Boards, PSCPs, consultants and their supply chains. If you would like access to the Members’ Area, please register.

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