Carnall Farrar

Carnall Farrar

CF is a management consultancy and analytics company dedicated to improving health and care, by delivering truly sustainable results.

CF has grown from two to more than forty experts in just seven years. Today, our team includes NHS leaders, data scientists, clinicians, and consultants, all bringing significant experience directing and delivering change in health and care.

What is our service offer?

CF takes a system approach to hospital development programmes, that is informed by robust clinical strategy, integrated care opportunities, digital transformation, and efficiency opportunities.

We work in a strong consortium to deliver an end-to-end hospital development programme, with CF leading on strategy, analytics and business case, Currie and Brown leading on healthcare planning and capital costing, and IBI leading on architectural design subcontracting engineering input.

What are the key features of our offer?

  • Approach ensures the design is fit for population needs and is future proof
  • Multidisciplinary partnership brings expertise across clinical strategy, integrated care, digital and productivity, together with leading expertise in healthcare planning and design
  • Advanced analytical skills recognised as best in class by regulators
  • Exceptional stakeholder management ability to bring all parties along

What are the service packages we provide?

  • End-to-end business case in line with Treasury Green Book guidance, at SOC, OBC, FBC stages
  • Demand and capacity model​s mapping expected hospital activity at specialty and modality level, assessing impact of integrated care, productivity etc
  • Clinical strategy at acute and specialty level to underpin capital development
  • Financial and economic modelling to enable robust quantitative appraisal for business
  • As a consortium, end to end capital development and implementation programme across all RIBA stages (outsourcing construction, engineering etc)

Hospital capital programme development process

Our approach is reinforced by a philosophy of quality and continuous improvement that ensures we deliver to the requirements and expectations of our clients. We work closely with client staff to build local capability to continue to deliver sustainable change after we have left. We have a reputation for supporting clients in solving problems and transforming delivery through our core competencies of strategy and advisory, programme and project management, and leadership and organisational development.

CF has been sharing their experience, best practice, and analytics capability with health systems both here in the UK and internationally.


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