Lead Advisor

The role of Lead Advisor is varied and may include inputs to projects to be delivered via a variety of procurement routes and provide a streamlined consultancy service on projects which may relate to smaller refurbishment and / or backlog maintenance work. It will be a key requirement of this Framework to provide Project Management services, Cost Advisor services, Supervisor services and brief writing for construction projects procured under the NEC3 suite of contracts.

The Lead Advisor may also undertake technical building inspections and building surveys in accordance with the NHSScotland Property Appraisal Manual to assist in the development of Property and Asset Management Strategies (PAMS) and the NHSScotland State of Assets and Facilities Report (SAFR). These inspections / surveys will also be used to inform backlog maintenance requirements and scope projects comprising programmes of risk reduction, statutory compliance and refurbishment works. The Lead Advisor will require to be conversant with all procurement routes used to deliver NHSScotland projects, though the primary focus of the role will be in respect of schemes delivered via the Frameworks Scotland 2 construction framework.

It is essential that Clients have clarity around the interfaces between an appointed Lead Advisor and any potential Principal Supply Chain Partner (PSCP) appointment as soon as is practicable in order to ensure that relevant responsibilities and associated design liabilities in particular can be clearly separated and defined and that any overlaps or duplication of inputs are negated.

The Lead Advisor is a “one stop shop” service, for use where considered applicable due to project scale, complexity or duration involving the consultant duties of:

  • Project Manager;
  • Cost Advisor;
  • Supervisor;
  • Additional services.

All under the NEC3 Professional Services Contract (Option A, C or E).

The Lead Advisor may be called upon to provide Consultant design services (e.g. Architect, Structural Engineer, and M&E Engineer) depending on the type of Project inputs required.

The Lead Advisor will be expected to have a working knowledge of all procurement routes used to deliver NHSScotland projects and will have a detailed understanding of current NHSScotland design and technical guidance documentation together with statutory compliance requirements and will be expected to facilitate a good communication environment with appropriate management and collaboration tools and processes.

The Lead Advisor will provide support to the Client for a range of duties on projects which are progressed under the NEC Suite of Contracts and will provide support to the Client for a range of duties on projects which are progressed under varied procurement routes and forms of contract.

The Lead Advisor will provide Project Manager, Supervisor and Cost Advisor services at the earliest project stage where required and will advise the Client of the Employer’s duties under the Construction Design Management (CDM) regulations before beginning design work together with additional design services if required, establishing formal communication procedures and responsibility matrix across Consultant services, and establish procedures to ensure that they work closely as a team.

The Lead Advisor will identify the Client’s needs and objectives, Business Case and possible constraints for the Project and assist in identifying possible options and expenditure limits, together with discussing the Client’s requirements, giving general advice and agreeing the scope of service to be provided. The Lead Advisor will also develop and submit to the Client for approval a project procurement strategy and, following approval by the Client, carry out the services and obligations necessary to achieve the satisfactory completion of the Project at or below the approved cost limit

The Lead Advisor will prepare feasibility studies and assess options to enable the Client to decide whether to proceed with the Project, provide Consultant Discipline design services to undertake preliminary feasibility studies based on the initial brief and if these studies highlight the need to amend that brief, discuss with the Client and obtain instructions and also assist the Client to prepare a Project Management Plan to incorporate associated procedures for all project stages.

The Lead Advisor’s role will also involve co-ordinating the inputs of the Consultant services, if appointed, and report to the Client on the recommended Scope of the Works together with a recommended programme and anticipated costs. The report will include reviewing alternative design and construction solutions together with estimates of cost of those options and provide assistance to the Health Board in selecting the preferred option and in formulating the Design Brief.

The Lead Advisor will also undertake risk assessments including design risk assessments and undertake value management exercises together with establishing management procedures to monitor the production of design information produced by the members of the Project Team in order that any shortcomings are immediately highlighted and rectified and continue to implement the monitoring procedure until completion of the Project.  Where difficulties are encountered which cannot be satisfactorily resolved, The Lead Advisor must inform the Client of those difficulties and make recommendations.

The Lead Advisor will establish and chair regular meetings with the other members of the Project Team and others in order to monitor progress and to highlight any shortfall in design information and take any action necessary to correct any deficiencies, circulate Minutes of the meetings to the Client and to the members of the Project Team. The Minutes shall record the action taken to rectify any deficiencies and shall indicate who is to be responsible for taking that action. The Lead Advisor will prepare and submit applications for Listed Building Consent, Planning Permission and Building Warrant Approval, where necessary and obtain approvals. The Lead Advisor will hold responsibility for preparing and / or collate tender documentation in sufficient detail to enable a tender or tenders to be obtained for the Project (for non-Frameworks Scotland 2 Projects) and input to the preparation of the Works Information (for Frameworks Scotland 2 Projects)

The Lead Advisor will manage preparation of design information and procurement of direct contacts outside of and prior to appointment of the Contractor and administer the building contract after Practical Completion and make final inspections assisting the building user during initial occupation period and receive defects reports, determine necessary action and instruct contractor with regular reports submitted to the Client.

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