Frameworks Scotland 3: Benefits

Frameworks Scotland 3 embraces the principles of collaborative working, ensuring that teams work together effectively. It also encourages the early involvement of the Principal Supply Chain Partner (PSCP) and its supply chain to ensure that the design, cost and programme are all achievable and represent best value for NHS Boars or permitted organisations.

As the framework participants are already appointed to the framework, Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) procurement procedures do not need to be repeated. This saves NHS Boards or permitted organisations both time and money.

The key benefits of Frameworks Scotland 3 are summarised as follows:

Fast Track Start

  • Health Facilities Scotland (HFS) dedicated Capital Projects Advisor support;
  • a short PSCP selection process – avoiding significant time and cost;
  • availability of experienced support through the consultant frameworks.

Shared Savings

  • a transparent pricing structure;
  • potential to generate and share cost savings.

Distils the Best Practice of Earlier Projects

  • the application of Best Practice techniques throughout the process;
  • a process that brings learning from other similar projects.

Best Value for Money (VFM)

  • a process that addresses design quality issues (aesthetics, Whole Life Cost and the needs of end users);
  • a product that is entirely tailored to the needs of the NHS Board or permitted organisation – developed through detailed consultation;
  • a jointly developed solution in partnership with the NHS Board or permitted organisation;
  • work packages market tested as part of the process.

Target Cost Certainty

  • agreed Target Cost;
  • tendered pre-construction costs as part of the Call-Off process;
  • pre-agreed rates for professional advisors either through consultants or PSCPs;
  • pre-agreed overhead and profit level for PSCPs;
  • capped construction and preliminaries rates as part of appointment to framework;

Time Certainty

  • joint programming with the PSCP is an integral part of the contract.

Optimum Project Environment

  • Pre-defined PSCP overhead and profit levels established through the Frameworks Scotland 3 tendering process;
  • joint risk management;
  • pro-active rather than reactive approach to problems;
  • PSCP incentives – Gain share and potential of future work;
  • collaborative working.

No OJEU Process

  • time and cost savings.

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