We are using the NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC) option A (priced contract with activity schedule). As project manager, we are close to accepting a quotation for acceleration under clause 36. How will we assess the monthly assessments to include the acceleration quotation?


You are required to change the prices in the activity schedule (see clause 36.3). The contractor should show the way it wishes the acceleration to be split within the activity schedule in its quotation, and your acceptance of the quotation would accept this too.
The contractor can just have one lump-sum activity for the acceleration, which will be paid – as with all items in the activity schedule – when all the accelerated works are completed (see 2nd bullet of clause 11.2(27)). Alternatively the contractor can split the costs through the existing relevant activities in whatever way you agree, thus increasing the amount of those activities. In that way the contractor will be paid when the relevant activities are completed.