We understand the ECC stipulates a period of 3 weeks for the review of fabrication drawings arising from a contractor-designed portion. As project manager we would interpret this to mean that a particular drawing revision should be reviewed with 3 weeks.  However, this may result in a revision to that drawing, which would require further review and may take longer than the 3 weeks time period stipulated.

Clearly, we would want to review a particular revision of a drawing much quicker than the 3 week period but, depending on the scale of the project, there could be a considerable amount of drawings to review. The contractor has interpreted the contract to mean that the total period for drawing review should be 3 weeks, regardless of whether drawings need to be revised or not.  What are your thoughts on this?


ECC makes no direct mention of reviews of fabrication drawings, a 3 week period, or a contractor-designed portion.

We assume you are referring to a part of the works that the contractor is to design. In that case clause 21.1 simply states that the contractor designs those parts of the works which the works information states the contractor is to design.