Health Facilities Scotland has launched Frameworks Scotland 3, for delivery of new build, refurbishment and backlog maintenance projects across NHS Scotland.  The Frameworks Scotland 3 model will operate over a five-year period for publicly funded health and social care construction projects. It offers a simplified procurement process for these programmes to achieve the best value and quality, shared learning, and overall peace of mind.

Six leading construction firms have been appointed as Principal Supply Chain Partners (PSCPs):

  • Balfour Beatty
  • John Graham Construction
  • Kier Construction
  • McLaughlin & Harvey
  • RMF Health
  • BAM Construction serving as a ‘reserve’.

BAM Construction as the reserve PSCP will provide resilience in the framework, if one of the other five PSCPs are unable to participate in a project mini competition.

Frameworks Scotland 3 is estimated to deliver up to £650million of healthcare projects over its 5-year duration.  This will build on the success of Frameworks Scotland 2, which has seen projects delivered or in delivery with a total value of £630million.

Each of these partners will act as ‘one stop shop’ solution providers, carrying out a diverse range of design, planning and construction via their integrated supply chains.  PSCPs have developed long-term working relationships with their supply chains and will continue these relationships over the period of the framework agreement.

Gordon James, Director of Health Facilities Scotland said: “Our NHS is under immense pressure due to the current pandemic, and the need for future-proof healthcare facilities is paramount. Frameworks Scotland 3 provides our customers with peace-of-mind, knowing we have a team of leading construction firms vetted and eager to support new build and refurbishment projects.

“Our team has an in-depth knowledge of the framework and provide a wide range of technical and professional advice to client project teams throughout Scotland. Following our success with the recent NHS Louisa Jordan development we are looking forward to progressing a range of exciting and meaningful projects across NHS Scotland.”

A PSCP may be engaged to undertake a variety of duties including service strategies, estate strategies, business planning, developing the brief, design development and construction works.  In addition to the construction phase of a project, a PSCP can be appointed at various stages in the capital project planning process from the Initial Agreement stage through to the Full Business Case stage.

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