Project: Demolitions Programme
Client: NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
PSCP: GRAHAM Construction
PSC Project Manager: Turner & Townsend
PSC Cost Advisor: Thomson Gray
Value £10.5m
Delivery Model: Frameworks Scotland 2
Completion Date: 2018

In September 2015 GRAHAM was appointed to the NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde three year Demolitions Programme which involves the demolition of the Board’s properties which have been declared surplus to requirements. This will release land on live retained sites for redevelopment and where a site is surplus, for disposal.
Key features of the programme will include: preparation of all consents; enabling works; co-ordination of asbestos removal works; demolition works; site decontamination and land remediation works; and the creation of suitable surfacing or other related works to leave sites in a suitable and safe condition.
GRAHAM is currently working in collaboration with NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde and the consultancy team to develop and implement a procurement strategy for the demolition works. This involves engagement with the stakeholder management team, Currie & Brown, to ensure competitive tendering is achieved. Due to the nature and location of the demolition projects there is a significant requirement for robust stakeholder engagement. This will be undertaken in partnership with Currie & Brown.
Due to the constrained live hospital sites, the works will be undertaken in a controlled phased manner to ensure there is no interruption to business continuity on the sites.

Robust traffic management plans will be implemented at each site to protect the health and safety of the patients, staff and general public. These will be established in close liaison with the estates team at NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde.

Measures to ensure that all environmental and Health and Safety issues on each site are covered include:

  • Site wide Health and Safety and emergency control procedures
  • Aspergillus control measures
  • Rigorous noise and dust attenuation measures
  • Extensive vehicular and personnel management plans
  • Boundary and disruption management plans
  • Integrated commissioning and validation of hospital services
  • Phased programming of construction, services and medical gases
  • Integration of specialist contractors and equipping suppliers
  • Agreed quality and inspection protocols and procedures for handover